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Re: 60mm or 85mm lens

seph wrote:

Ariston wrote:

seph wrote:

If I was sure that Samsung will give us tools without all the majors flaws we experience, a kind of "NEX-6 heart in an NX20 body", I'd buy both !

That 85mm looks so sharp ! With a 20M sensor, couldn't we imagine to take some RAW wildlife pictures with moderate tele, and crop like a basta*d ? I doubt Samsung will sell a 300/4 with IS in a near future !

I maybe a lil bit biased towards using 85mm lenses. but so far, there hasn't been an 85mm that didn't give me something to smile about. I like the 60mm, but I love the 85mm.

hint for choosing lenses: what you are going to shoot the lens for and how often?

Like many people : I want to have a moderate tele which can serve as a portrait tool, but I also take numerous macro pictures when I see beautiful flowers, stone or wood textures.

I take most of my pictures when hiking, but I try to take real pictures, no p&s flat cra*.

I was quite happy with my D90 + 105mm macro + 12-24 quality wise, but I couldn't bear carrying all that stuff anymore (with food, water, tent, clothes, ...), so I went to NX1000 + 16mm + 30mm (and thinking about 20mm, but is it useful for a 16mm owner ?).

Results are wonderful to be (if not better) for such a small and light setup (I can carry all my styuff in a Lowepro lens case) offered to such a low price. But I miss a viewfinder (NX20 maybe ... one day ...) and a tele/macro lens.

My Nikon 105 was a great answer for both uses, and it's difficult to make a choice in the NX world.

Maybe a 85mm with a Raynox lens or something similar ?

it depends if you feel the need to shoot at 1:1 magnification level or simply micro level. but if you tend to shoot flowers or certain surface texture at 1:4 magnification or the thing as a whole, the 85mm would do. I seldom shoot bugs at their micro level and would rather have the surroundings as a background for bug shots which nullifies the use of 1:1 magnification. so an 85mm is already good on it's own, and if you feel the need to go further with magnification, you can just buy a Marumi or Raynox add-on.  so far, I have been using the 85mm occasionally as a pseudo macro. the focal length + 20MP resolution would already give some sufficient detail at certain crop level.

as far as the 20mm, it doesn't seem to have much sense anymore if you already have the 16mm. although I'm intrigued by the 45mm lens.

if you love the 105mm macro lens length, then it seems that the 85mm would certainly be a better fit for your need.

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