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HuntingSand wrote:

PAA100 wrote:

Normally I would convert a few images in LR rather than set the camera to B&W. The great images on here speak for themselves but I was just wondering why you would prefer this approach. Different algorithm I guess? Reminds me of the old Ricoh GRD. Always great B&W out of camera.

Ha! I remember the GRD. Never used it myself, but I've seen some great pics posted from this camera.
If I may, let me redirect your question: Would you (or anyone here) be able to identify the three images in this gallery which actually *were* converted from a full color file? The answer is "probably not". On the other hand, there are four B/W modes programmed into the RX100, and three of these are represented here (normal B/W, Rich-tone B/W, and High-Contrast B/W). The one left out is B/W posterization, although I did use that mode, too. I believe you will easily identify the b/w images shot in HC mode.
The question you pose is a valid one of course. Leica makes the M Monochrom, a strictly B/W camera which is somewhat puzzling to many people. It puts out extremely rich and saturated mid-tones and blacks, although the O-files are pretty flat to begin with. I do a lot of B/W work (printing large, too), and especially in the streets, snappy response and anticipation is key. That momentum translates into "real-time" B/W photography, and I just don't want to be sitting at my machine for ages converting. Besides, it forces you to actually perceive the world around you in B/W, light and shadows, angles and textures. Color sometimes "contaminates" these basic parameters. All in all, the RX100 is a blast to use - I even did a whole series of a Chinese temple in the "Illustration High" mode, and boy does that camera "paint"!

I just love these pocket rockets! The Ricoh's were amazing. I had a 21mm fixed 35mm film camera for a while. Plus a GRD, GX 100 and 200! All great. The RX100 reminds me of them a lot!

Having looked at your images I cant tell which is which although some do exhibit a better range of grays than others. I use HC B&W on my NEX 5n or Scott Kelby's method of converting to B&W - both lose some of the tonal gradation that your images have. Ill give it simple B&W a try.

A great collection of images that capture the feeling of China by the way!

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