New patent from Nikon (55-300 f:2.8-4)

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Re: New patent from Nikon (55-300 f:2.8-4)

joejack951 wrote:

marco1974 wrote:

I do NOT think it's going to be cheaper than the 70-200 VR f/4. No way. f/4 at 300mm means +50% front glass vs. f/4 at 200mm.


It won't be cheaper than the 700-200/2.8VRII either. Nikon's current 300/4 non-VR is almost $1400. This patented lens included a 300/4VR plus a number of other f/2.8 and f/4 focal lengths with VR. $3000+ if it ever appears.

With 5 ED elements it's definitely not going to be a cheap lens. The MSRP might well be on-par with 70-200/2.8 VR2 at US$2399, if not more. I take that as a good news, as generally the more ED glass the lens have, the better the IQ.

It might well be the AF-S 80-400 folks have been waiting for. Put a 1.4X TC on it and the lens becomes a 80-420 f/4-5.6 in an instant. Seems a better choice than a 80-400 as you cannot 'reverse TC' the 80-400 into a big aperture lens.

It might double as both a wedding lens and a wlidlife lens. Think of a family & friends wedding on any Pacific Island. You would be shooting a wedding and the next day shooting birds and surfers, all with one 55-300 f/2.8-4. No need to drag both the 70-200/2.8 and a future AF-S 80-400.

Seems like an attempt to out-do Canon's highly acclaimed 70-300 f/4-5.6L that sells for $1500.

Sounds too good to be true however.

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