Macro Lenses on FZ200/150 & Others: Overview, Guide and Information [Achromats]

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Re: Macro Lenses on FZ200/150 & Others: Overview, Guide and Information [Achromats]

sherman_levine wrote:

Do all lenses with a given diopter (or focal length) have the same depth of field? Do they differ only in aberration (so some lenses are "better" than others)?

Sherm, I'm not sure but I think so about the DOF, at least for a given diameter. Which means that maybe a 77mm Canon 500D has a different DOF than the 52mm version on the same camera.

Aberration is only one kind of optical fault, though probably the most important. Of course lenses still differ due to many other factors, like the quality of the different glasses, the coatings and so on. Not to forget the effect of vignetting.

I had once posted a picture of several macro lenses, you can see (!) that the Oly Macros are more than twice as heavy as the 'simple' Canon 500D, there's so much glass in them. That's just an example that some manufacturers have a more sophisticated approach than others, as I would call it.

What's the miracle of the E17ED? Is it only the reduced aberration that makes this lens outstanding? I'm sure the are more factors ...

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