Supplemental m4/3 camera?

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Or an XZ-1

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I currently have a G2, which I really like, specially when shooting wild-life as the evf is very nice. However the G2, as a small as it is, isn't small enough to fit in suit pocket. So, right now I am looking at a supplemental m4/3 camera(more than likely paired with the 14mm). I am stuck deciding between the GF3 and the GX1. The E-PM1 is nice, but I didn't like the handling(a grip should fix it), and the interface wasn't really for me. So that camera is out. My budget would be around $350(I know it would be pushing it to find a GX1 with the 14mm, but holidays are close to who knows).

That all said I like the GF3s price, & size with the 14mm(under $300 is tempting). But, then the GX1 stares at me with the better control, and sensor(& possibly jpeg processing too?). I feel like if I go GF3, I am loosing out on the best quality I could potential get within my budget. But, if I go GX1, I am a bit worried it maybe a bit to large, and a bit redundant to have one when I already have the G2.

Realistically how suit pocketable is the GX1? Would it be redundant to have the G2 and the GX1? Any suggestions, ideas tips. Thanks.

The LX7 has an interface that will be familiar to you if you use Panasonic m43 cameras. And it's smaller than any m43 camera, even any m43 camera with the 14mm pancake. Yet you have the versatility to shoot at many different focal lengths.

The Olympus XZ-1 is on a firesale now at $199.  The Zuiko lens is awesome and if you don't want to take video it's hard to be the value right now.

Here's how it stacked up against my E-PM1 and kit lens.

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