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salamander1 wrote:

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salamander1 wrote:

oh, with all due respect to D600 owners, this is ugly. such a mess and only at f/11. imagine what would the image look like at f/22. simply unacceptable. wet cleaning your sensor every 30 shots? no, thank you very much, nikon. i have owned a 5D3 since last june and i am yet to find a single spec of dust on its sensor on any aperture. it is true that i don't use my camera in a hard professional manner and i change lenses very carefully because i am not pressed for time to either take that shot or die, but, still, i have taken more than 30 000 pictures, which is quite a bit, and, still, i can't find anything on the sensor in the way of dust or debris, just a few dead pixels. it's as if the camera is hermetic. happy me.

a modest 5D3 owner. thank you very much.

Salamander again? What you forgot to tell everyone is your procedure when changing a lens on your wonderful 5Dmk3

1. First wipe everything down with an anti-static cloth

2.Then you place the camera in a slightly dampened ziplock bag

3. remove lens then mount the new lens inside of the bag

Did I get that right? Do I need a full size turkey bag if I want to install my 400mm/5.6? ... 300/2.8 need a slightly moistened garbage bag? What do you "moisten" them with?

I use a lot of Canon equipment and can show you dust on a 5D3.

that you can show me dust on a 5D3 is your fault, because you're a sloppy customer. there is none on mine. yeah, you can quickly change a 300/2.8 inside an opened on both sides garbage bag (like a sleeve) if you're in the desert and the wind is blowing and that tuareg fellow is making a beeline for you. people over there wear face veils to protect themselves from the wind and dust but you wouldn't protect your camera the same way? who are you, sir?

Your'e in left field again. Why are you talking about the Sahara desert during a sand storm? You follow this  ridiculous "moistened zip lock, anti-static... " garbage at all times!  Just learn to clean your sensor so you don't have to take 5 minutes to change a lens.

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