Why I Just Bought an Olympus Four Thirds Camera System

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The way things are going in the camera market, if we aren't careful, there will be inexpensive camera phones and integrated lens cameras at one end, and super expensive full frame cameras with replaceable lenses on the other, with nothing in the middle for the rest of us. It would be a shame if that happened. I saw a similar process occur in the audio market. It wasn't pretty.

Yeah, it does seem to happen like that a lot, but the manufacturers will only try to meet the demands. If no-one is buying mid range stuff, then they'll simply stop making it. It's probably the area that's hardest to please. When times are hard, then people will simply buy cheaper, or indeed second hand.

All the best.

I can understand manufacturers meeting demand; after all, it is in their best interest to do so. However, if the novice/first time camera buyer is left with the impression resolution is the only specification that matters, they will see no reason to shop in the mid-range where many of us want to shop.

You know, and I know that there is more to good camera performance than the sensor resolution, or the high ISO performance, or the lens. Each part adds to the performance of the whole. But if new camera buyers aren't made aware about this, they will see little or no value in spending the extra money for better quality parts that "don't matter."


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