Quick 18-55mm Zoom first impressions

Started Nov 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Quick 18-55mm Zoom first impressions

MrFlash wrote:

Are you using it with an X-Pro1? If so, how well does it work with the OVF? That's the deal maker/ breaker for me.

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Yes I have an X-Pro 1.

It works much as shown on the dpreview video (did you see it)?

The OVF shows the frame lines expanding and contracting which happens very smoothly as you turn the zoom ring.  It does seem a little odd at first as you 'expect' to see the image get bigger as you turn the zoom, but instead get a shrinking box!

I can see me using the EVF mainly with this lens - at least until I have gotten used to how the OVF approach works.

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