SD15 last orders - SD16 when ?

Started Nov 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
Roger Senior Member • Posts: 2,195
PMA and non camera

Greetings and happy holidays

Next trade is PMA in Las Vegas  There was a rumor of a "non camera by Sigma"  what is that?  Who knows maybe something like a Old Olympus E20 or ????  The SD15 is discontinued I think as well as the SD14 You can't get a SD14 repaired unless you send it back to Japan for 14 weeks and I think the SD15 is getting close to that as well.

I'm hoping to see something like the mirco 4/3 system/Nex  A DP with a viewfinder live view flip out screen and fast with a M4/3 lens mount or a SA mount.  Hard to say which way Sigma will go they may just get out of the DSLR business altogether Let's face it they don't make money on their DSLR's

Have fun

Roger J.

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