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disagree on a couple of points

  • How would you describe the difference between film and digital?

Film: Old technology. Expensive. Slow. PITA to use.

I'd say that depends on your existing skills, the PITA bit that is.  Expensive also depends on the format and its relation to digital formats.  35mm film is dead AFAIC.  MF will be when digital MF gets down further in price---which is still going to be a while.  LF?  Nothing affordable on the horizon that I know about in digital that doesn't involve stitching----scanning backs being a different animal and not suitable for a lot of applications (and still not cheap!).

Digital: New technology. Now surpasses film by a healthy margin for image quality.

No.  Only in 35mm. There it does now surpass by a wide margin. Arguably equal in 645, although not in price!  Nothing digital out there that can compete with 6x7 and above film formats in rez AND tonality AND price.

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