GH3 & EPL5 Raw Comparison

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Marco Cinnirella
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Re: GH3 and EPL-5?

amtberg wrote:

Marco Cinnirella wrote:

Until DPR or Imaging Resource post reviews I am holding off on judging GH3 vs OM-D vs E-PL5.

They are quite different cameras anyway, regardless of IQ.

If the GH3 is not as good as or better than the OM-D and E-PL5 then Pannie will need to think again about their pricing or accept that only video/movie makers will buy the camera in large numbers.

I disagree. If the GH3 is just marginally worse than the OMD for stills I think Panny will still sell a lot of them to people like me who are somewhere between 40:60 - 60:40 stills/video, and even to people who are primarily interested in still photography but prefer a more substantial body with better external controls and software.

Based on what I've seen so far my guess is that the GH3 will as good as the OMD for stills; maybe a hair worse at high ISO but with better DR. Too soon to say, though.

Well we will see - it is currently priced quite a lot higher than the OM-D and comparable to some very good DSLRs - it depends how many people like you out there are willing to part with their cash I guess. It's a gamble by Pannie, for sure, but maybe you're right, maybe it will pay off.

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