Is there a market for a digital panoramic camera?

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Re: Is there a market for a digital panoramic camera?

MoreorLess wrote:

To me this seems like the one area from film that digital really hasnt moved into(besides that russian triple lens frankencamera), is it something you could see being sucessful?

Obviously digital has made stitching together panoramas far easier but there are still clear limatations when it comes to moving subjects, automation and composition.

At the very least I'd have thought someone would have given it a go with some kind of bridge camera, say a double width 1/1.7 sensor and an uwa zoom.

It sounds like the Seitz Roundshot is precisely what you are describing (  The models with scanning backs shoot the scene in a continuous sweep, as did the 6 x 17 film panorama cameras. Intriguingly, this also avoids any problem with parallax error, because only one column of pixels is scanned at any given movement. On the other hand, getting into this method of making panos requires a significant financial commitment!


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