How do I chose a good budget desktop computer?

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Re: Thanks everyone! I think I may have overresearched it a little bit.

FNorman wrote:

I'm currently using a Gateway laptop with intel's Core 2 Duo. It's about five years old now so even a simple program like Picasa seems to take a toll on it.

Do you do maintenance on your PC's? Every PC, how fast it may be initially, will suffer from clutter. unused programs, abandoned libraries, clogged up registry, fragmentation etc. Mostly, when PC's get slow where they weren't in the first place, it's just a matter of cleaning up.

That said, if you can spare the money it's fine to buy a new system now, especially when the old one is getting hardware issues. But for your intended use a cheap base system from a big player like Dell should be just fine. If you are quite sure you won't need to run heavy applications on it, on't worry too much about the hardware. For your intended use, an i3 system with 4 GB RAM will do just fine as long as you keep it well maintained. Overhead power is a nice thing, but you shouldn't make the thinking error to assume the PC needs it for regular tasks or get's really faster from it. Mostly the overhead just masks the effect of pollution and lack of care.

Next to that, Windows7 and Windows8 are quite good in managing system resources, so even with a low-end system you will get acceptable performance.

but remember: As soon as you have it, make sure you do your maintenance once in a while. First kick all the bloatware and trail-version programs (I reccomend Revo Uninstaller), then install a good firewall/AV (I reccomend Comodo Internet security) and sweep your system with Ccleaner. After that, a nice big cleanup action twice a year and it should keep purring along nicely.

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