Lens "colour rendition"

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Re: Lens "colour rendition"

tt321 wrote:

Lens colour rendition seems a globally accepted phenomenon. Is there any text book type material that explains the physics behind this or is it magic?

It's physics. One explanation I've seen was that it was due to different lens construction and coatings. Each air-glass interface in the lens scatters some light - with modern coatings, this is well under 1% (nano-coatings can make it < 0.1%), but it still exists, and it affects different wavelengths of light to different degrees (because "blue bends best").

The scattered light can give a colour cast to the overall image, and can desaturate tones in the image by differing amounts.

All modern lenses, if not put on a camera body and held in front of a colour neutral material such as white paper and looked through, should look colour neutral (the paper around the lens and through the lens should be the same colour to the naked eye).

I'm not sure you'd pick this up quite that easily by eye. There's a big difference between seeing tones in an image having a selective colour cast or desaturation, and seeing a slight difference in tone between two large white areas.


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