Olympus 40-150mm F2.8?

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Re: Olympus 40-150mm F2.8?

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The article says, "For the record, Olympus already has a 40-150mm zoom but that one has a f/4.0-5.6 aperture and by no means the same build and image quality of the upcoming new lens."

I disagree with this statement because I own this current 40-150, and it is one super-sharp great performing lens that exceeds any of the present Panasonic telephoto zooms. (with the possible exception of the newly available Panasonic 45-150. Granted, cheaper construction and plastic lens mount.

The new Olympus would by faster at f1.8 and would have a metal mount, and cost double the price. But not necessarily better image quality.

The 40-150mm is good up to 100mm, bbe used at the long end it is getting quite softer. I like using it up to that focal and because it is very light for its range. What I like less is that the zoom extends to a considerable length which makes you very obvious when you use it.

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You will probably find it is camera shake which is softening the lens at longer focal legnths.

We would expect Oly to go for a different focal legnth coverage than panaleica. This could be a good seller, but longer would be probably better.

Expect also then a super wide fast lens from them too. That will be soft on the edges!!

I am using my Oly 40-150 on an EPL-1 so I'm not getting any blur, what with IBIS on the camera. It seems sharp right up to 150. And I have a steady hand.

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