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The A-Team wrote:

I'm getting more into film lately. Sorry if this is not "digital"....

  • Do you shoot film?

Not since 2000

  • Which film camera(s) do you shoot with?

Previously:  Nikon N90s and F2As

Currently:   Nikon D800E

  • Do you shoot film professionally at all?

Not any more.  Now 100% digital

  • How has film changed your photography?

It was a much slower process (develop/print etc.)

Digital is MUCH MUCH faster.  Shoot.  Copy to PC.  Process RAW into jpg.  Review.

  • How would you describe the difference between film and digital?

Film:  Old technology.  Expensive.  Slow.  PITA to use.

Digital:  New technology.  Now surpasses film by a healthy margin for image quality.

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