Best Guess-Estimate when Successor to D7000 will be Announced & Available?

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Re: Best Guess-Estimate when Successor to D7000 will be Announced & Available?

bugbait wrote:

As for having extra mega pixels. Nikon has done much better than other manufactures at keeping the quality yet providing more opportunity for cropping into a larger image. To me the D3200 didn't seem to loose anything while providing a larger image. So I hope the D5200 and possible D8000 will also do so well. The reason more pixels on the same sensor size has been problematic is to do that the light gathering points had to shrink and loose accuracy.

I get that.  I am not talking about IQ, I am talking about the fact that the 12MP of the D90 far exceeded anything I have ever needed, despite printing albums and framed pics from my work at A4 and above sized.  So in all honesty I really don't need more than those 12MP (and I suspect very few people actually do) and saying that there is no loss of quality for the extra doesn't change the fact that I now need larger and faster memory cards, my backups just got larger and slower and transferring files anywhere, especially on the internet, now takes considerably longer.

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