K-5 IIs / K-5 II VS. Canon 1D-IV - can you tell the difference?!

Started Nov 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
HozicEmir Contributing Member • Posts: 730
Re: Ethan, Sorry (more)

Is true, but now is possible if one  have enough time and knowledge with much cheaper camera, with improved focus and no AA, to get similar results.

I'm more than excited with IQ of new pentax cameras, that gives my existing gear more value. also I'm aware that probably never will move to FF because of cost and ROI and I'm glad that with existing lenses I can get more, and also no more hesitating to invest and expand lens collection, because future is promising, 16-50 here I come

Interesting is that existing da*, fa limited lenses seams to keep up with no AA on IIs, over internet there are stories that nikorr lenses have a hard time  matching 800e sensor resolution.

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