Need some non-DSLR, non-superzoom options for trip.

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Re: Need some non-DSLR, non-superzoom options for trip.

BobT wrote:

Looking for a good camera for upcoming trip out west. Perhaps a Canon brand, perhaps another.

I don't want to lug around my DSLR gear all the time, and feel that a superzoom might not be the best tool for the job of mostly scenics, landscapes, etc. I also must stay under $500, and hopefully less if I can get one used. So what's your recommendation for the job. IQ is at the very top of the list; as I really want to return home with some great images for printing.

Current models, older models that have stood the test of time, these things don't matter much. Good IQ and and non-bankbreaking are the top requirements.

I'll research each suggestion offered. Thanks in advance.

I don't know what the current prices are in your location but the Canon PowerShot G1X is now the one camera I would highly recommend (above all other compacts) for a serious vacation camera. It was originally produced as an alternative for DSLR users who might want an all-in-one backup.  But you will find that it has the highest Image Quality of any compact digital on the market today.

Only three things to note:

* AF speed is fine unless you are a sports shooter.

* Macro/Closeup requires you to be at least 8 inches away from the subject at all times.

* A second battery is encouraged for days when you might need to take hundreds of pictures.

My G1X gallery is here but be aware that I used a Closeup lens for some of my Macro shots with this camera:

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