xf35mm autofocus problem: is normal?

Started Nov 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
marco ricci Regular Member • Posts: 329
Re: xf35mm autofocus problem: is normal?

The reason why it seems far objects are less prone to this problem is because the depth of field is not as thin as those near objects. it actually is back focusing, but your intended object just happen to fall within the hyperfocus distance.

p/s: i'm not sure my explaination is correct, but the "meaning" is there..

yes and no..

if u can tell it's back focusing (because sensor dosn't resolve enough to check the dof at that distances) i really can't see how it can be a problem..

for sure at bigger distances u will have a greater dof, that's optics..

i did my test ad F 1.4 and from 1m to infinity as i told i cant achieve a better focus even with MF..

my be when we got an X-Pro5 at 50Mpixel it will be different

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