Using FV lock to eliminate blinking eyes in Commander mode

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Re: Using FV lock to eliminate blinking eyes in Commander mode

KumarK wrote:

While the SG31 IR panel will work, it isn't easily available to buy where I am. Using the pop up on my D7000 as commander in _ _ mode, I still get my subjects with eyes half closed far too often. I notice that using the FV lock is supposed to be a work around for this - but how exactly does this work? I notice that with the lock in place, the pop up still fires, I suppose it has to do this to get the remote to fire. How then does using the FV lock eliminate subject eye reaction, as it is said to? I haven't tried this out in practice yet, but would first like to know how it will deliver better results.

Well, it does not eliminate blinkers. It can only help. FV lock will do most of the preflashes before, then just send a shorter 'go' sequence when taking the frame. Very sensitive people may still blink, I shoot people who can beat a 1/10,000th flash pulse with their blinking.

You say you haven't tried it, I have, and you should as well. Good luck.

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