SEL1650 on Nex 5K?

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Re: SEL1650 on Nex 5K?

GaryW wrote:

My guess is that without the software corrections, it'd be pretty bad at 16mm, requiring you to use software for each photo. Might be painful if you have to manually adjust each one. I guess I've resigned myself to the fact that the original Nex-5 is left behind in some of these areas. On the bright side, the sensor is still excellent, and I can still get the same good results as I've gotten before..

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Gary W.

Indeed - it would work, but without any optical corrections, because they weren't ever available on the NEX-5 (or the 3 and C3 as far as I know).  Interestingly, on a NEX-5R or 6, with this lens, the distortion correction is permanently set to Auto and greyed out so that it cannot be turned off.  It can be turned off with the lens on a NEX-5N, and even when it's turned on, the camera only uses distortion correction on the taken shot (as of course do the 5R and 6 - the difference is that the new cameras also apply it to live view).

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