5D3 Pattern Noise Improvement and High ISO Cooking

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Re: Really?

MayaTlab0 wrote:

ak1999 wrote:

Another performance that has been blown out of proportion is the quiet mode.

It is not as quiet as I've hoped.

My previous D7000 quiet mode was much quieter.

A French magazine actually measures in a controlled environment shutter noise in decibels. The 5DIII's silent mode was measured at 52 dB, compared to 59 for its normal mode, 59 for the D600, and if I recall correctly 61 for the D800. The X-pro 1 measures at 49 dB. Given that I highly doubt the D7000's quiet shutter is quieter than the X-pro 1, I'm not sure one can confidently claim that its quiet mode is "much quieter" than the 5DIII's. Possibly quieter, but by a small margin.

Also, you're missing the point that the main reason why people rave about it is because of its implementation, which makes it far more useful than other DSLRs' quiet mode, to the point that it's frequent to find 5DIII owners leaving it on all the time apart when they need to reduce shutter lag or increase drive mode.

This is a problem with review in general.

A lot subject to interpretation.

One main reason D7000 is quieter is because one can delay mirror down return by holding on to the shutter release a little longer (0.5 sec).

Also its noise distribtion is more towar lower frequency scale which where less objectioble to human.

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