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Re: And how was the mirrorless experience?

Rod McD wrote:

Hi Rey,

I'm a K5 user but have been considering the Fuji X series with the new 18-55 f2.8-4 zoom as a lighter and more compact second camera for overseas travel - like you I'm a hiker. The X forum looks like a very happy place, particularly in relation to the newer XE1 and the lens quality. I'm wondering how you found your Fuji compared to your K5 (or the K5II). I'm thinking IQ, ergonomics and overall useability. I know that they aren't WR, which is a pity, and that their CDAF is slower than the K5 - but that aside, were the results good and the experience an enjoyable one? Was it only the WR aspect that made you re-invest in a DSLR?

Any comments appreciated.

Thanks, cheers, Rod

Rod -

I have been a very happy Fujifilm X100 shooter for a while.  When the X-Pro 1 was announced, I thought it would be an answer to a prayer: X100 quality with interchangeable lens versatility.  I wrote about my experiences here:

Bottom line: I didn't care for it.  Too many annoyances, primarily s-l-o-w autufocus.  I know they have improved it via firmware updates, but in lower light condidtions, the hunting was intolerable.  Lack of diopter adjustment, no built-in flash for fill, etc. were just icing on the cake.

Now with the X-E1, I'm assuming they fixed/improved on all of those items and the 18-55 kit looks very nice.  I would certainly take a serious look at it, but after my X-Pro 1 experience, I think I'd wait for credible user reports first, particularly on the AF performance.

For the trip I'm taking, even if the X-E1 is all that, I probably would still go with the Pentax for the tough build and weathersealing.

Good luck.



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