E-PL5 - how are your hinges?(!)

Started Nov 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: E-PL5 - how are your hinges?(!)

c_henry wrote:

I don't have that problem with mine. Sorry.

Oh, that's a shame (from my point of view only of course)!  Thanks anyway.   So your screen snaps solidly to the back of the camera when parked, does it?  With mine, it feels like the magnetic patch isn't quite strong enough to "suck" it firmly into place.  I'll have to examine the angle of the hinges in case I haven't got them fully folded (I find it a rather convoluted design in this area - it's brand new and I don't think I could have strained them as I'm always gentle when uncertain - but I really had to puzzle my way into flipping the screen to the forward-facing angle - not that I'll probably ever do that particular action with it again - just wanted to check how it was done).

I don't really want to have to return it if I can avoid doing so - it doesn't strike me as a serious functional issue (it's purely the hinges - the ribbon cable electronically connecting the screen is totally unaffected by this).

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