7D still current??

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Re: 7D still current??

Keith Z Leonard wrote:

1. The 7D is the current top APS-C model by Canon, but it's been around for 3 years, so they may announce a new one sometime in the near future, hard to tell.

2. I have the 430exII and think it's great, the right size/power ratio for me, but your use may vary. A lot of people swear by the 580.

3. Portrait lens is highly debatable, my fav prime is the Sigma 50 f1.4 on my 7D for price/performance. I'm sure the 50 f1.2 is great as well. Many people swear by the Canon 50 f1.4, but it's got a bad rep for mechanical failure of the AF system. The 50 f1.8 is fine too though the bokeh is hard, but it's 100$, so hard to not own one. I do enjoy my 70-200 for portraits, good compression for thin DOF from 70-100mm I think. The 85 1.8 is a great lens, the 85 1.2 is an amazing lens, hard to go wrong with any of these, really.

4. As to being too late, for the lenses it's never too late, they don't rev that often, for the camera it depends upon your needs. The 300s is a nice camera, the 7D I think is a bit nicer, but both are very capable DSLRs. I cannot read Canon's mind though in terms of what's next for their semi-pro APS-C line. I guess if I were you I'd just wait or save up for a D600 or 5D mk3.

I agree with Keith re 7D and 430EXII combo, I have the same and they have given me a lot of great pics.

For portrait I have the 50mm f/1.4 that has been quite a challenge to focus right, but with the right micro-adjustment I've been getting better results.  Now please do not overlook the new Canon pancake, the 40mm f/2.8 STM.  It can be had for roughly $140-150.  It won't give you the creamiest bokeh but it is great value for money.  Another severely underrated portrait lens for outdoor use at least is the EF-S 55-250mm IS.  It is slow but serves its purpose.

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