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It's interesting to see I am not alone with option of "Nikon Colour". I used D300 and D7000 for more than a few occasions and compare to Sony files I can't stand their colour: dull, lack of shadow details while highlight got clipping away at the same time. Yes Nikon has less noise but the whole image looks like grayscale with colour overlay.

As for A99, I wish it's priced at $2500 instead of $2800, maybe Sony will lower its price soon since everyone is complaining it's higher price point. If you already have sizeable A-mount FF lenses these few hundreds won't matter that much. My personal prediction for A99's score card is solid above 80 points, at least silver award. Not that I care anyway since I already bought A99.

Out of the box, Nikon tends to be conservative with its picture styles. If tou shoot jpeg, you can create your own profiles and load them into the camera or you can adjust picture settings. Fr a raw shooter like me who prefers to shoot with uniwb and custom neutral profile, i can worry about that in post. This thing about colors is funny though

The person you replied to is a RAW shooter, so I assume this was about RAW output. And while you can create your own profiles, colour response and especially separation are hard and sometimes impossible to counter through profiles after the fact. People who help create RAW converters can tell you all about it (Iliah Borg for example).

I understand that very well but honestly if we go to the studio samples and assess red, blue, green and whatever colors, will we get this sense that the a99 has much better colors the rest of the FF cameras?

Maybe, maybe not. If your point is that the differences seen from Nikon cameras in general (most visible in the center faces) are easily countered by profiling, you'd in effect be questioning the capabilities of the Adobe people to correctly profile Nikon cameras in general. Or most converter makers for that matter.

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