The biggest Sony negative: service and support

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OntarioJohn wrote:

The poster minced no words calling them unethical, they milk people and do things in an illegal manner and are unprofessional.

That's correct, but you have to be precise. It's a little short of what I said. I said they did things which were both unethical and illegal. It's an important distinction for your argument. Libel (side note: you meant libel or defamation  not slander) applies to statements of fact, not statements of opinion. Stating that Sony is unethical is an opinion; it is not consider libel. The same thing goes for milking people. You could state those about Mother Teresa and Ghandi, and if they were still alive, they'd have no basis to sue you. Stating that Sony breaks the law, on the other hand, is a statement of fact. That is a place where Sony could legitimately have a lawsuit if I were wrong.

Fortunately, in this case, I have a neat paper trail, at least for their interactions with me. I suspect it'd be easy to pull up similar paper trails for similar forum posts I've seen from others. If Sony were to sue me (or vica-versa), I suspect that the most likely outcome is that we'd both be out tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, I'd be out days of time in time spent in courts, and in the end, I'd be awarded $700 from Sony. This is not a great outcome for either side, which is why, in the end, I let them cheat me.

I did not feel the need to repost because I've posted it many times before, and because no one asked for it (if you're curious, please look over my forum post history, in particular, looking for the word 'a55').

I believe you might be the first person to accuse me of defamation. In particular, as was pointed out to you, you did this without even asking for evidence (even after this was pointed out to you). This is something to consider for your future forum interactions.

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