Oil painting vs Smudge painting!

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Re: Oil painting vs Smudge painting!

mstmart wrote:

You've done a good job and I hope you don't mind my critiques the furs looks good and the eyes but the nose need some more work on it perhaps use the smudge tools for the nose only to give it a nice finish. Smudge tools at 30% opacity.

Oil Painting and Smudge Painting as you are aware are two different paintings I like both though I haven't yet take up the Oil Painting.

Can I please ask for your permission to work on your lovely pup photo wouldn't mind having a try. I will try to do photorealism with the pup image, sketch the photo then block colours direct on the sketch shall put the finishing results on here for you, you can do what ever you wish with the finished photo.

If you don't wish for me to work on your photo please don't hesitate to let me know I will understand and respect your wishes.



Thanks for your reply and you are right I should have done more to the nose and I will take care of it next time
By the way, the pup photo isn't mine and I mentioned that in the main thread " I downloaded it from deviantart " I should have put the main link of photo but I didn't remember it because I downloaded it from a long time " 
I searched for it again now
here is the link : " http://mother-of-all-stock.deviantart.com/art/Dog-Stock-02-141591054 "
So just credit back to the owner of photo and I'd like to see your results here too

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