Pro DX is Dead

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Re: Pro DX is Dead

seahawk wrote:

If there would be a D300 replacement I believe it would come from the Sendai factory, as the numbers would be small. And I am sure that there is one fast DSLR waiting to be released by Nikon in 2013. (I said fast not DX)

Video can be added to the D7X00. I see no reason why they should not be able to match a 7DII in the regard.

I hope Nikon drops the D300 line, beefs up the D7X00, adds a video D9000 above it and gives us a D800S or something. I have no interest in a D400 which would be a bad compromise, in price, capability and quality.

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I don't believe that Sendai is set up to make anything else than FX after D700... they would have made D300 there if this was not the case...

I wish a fast DSLR (other than D4) comes out of Sendai...  then maybe a D800 body bearing D4 sensor and electronics (ideal camera for me - real D700 replacement - that has IMO a lot of customers waiting) would come true.... This would allow them to practically put a new camera in production with practically no cost, since they have both the body and the sensor in Sendai and no extra production line is required... I believe that this is possible if D800 shows some shrinkage in demand... I also believe that they haven't done that (so far) because it would cause some significant drop in D4 demand... But this (and how it may be overcome able) is a different conversation...


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