Lord Howe Island - one of the world's rarest birds and other bird pics

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Re: Gorgeous!

thxbb12 wrote:

Thank you for all these detailed information, Lance

My pleasure, Florent.

It's like walking back in time and the wildlife is completely unconcerned with you.

That's really great. That's one thing I'm a bit tired of in Europe: it's getting more and more difficult to find remote places. Most beautiful places are super crowded and it's becoming closer to a Disney land experience than anything else! (sorry for the rant). That's one thing I really loved about Australia: this opportunity of being in the middle of nowhere, far from everything else.

Well, you can certainly get have that opportunity in Australia, lots of wide open spaces with no people about. I must admit, I do not like crowds either, but I do like Europe for all that history with all the old castles, churches and cathedrals, but you can't beat Australia for a bit of seclusion!


There are many great shots in your gallery. Seeing certain shots, it looks like the birds were not very scared of human presence!

Thank you ever so much for your nice comment.



Follow the links on this site as there are many pieces of information including walks, scuba diving, fishing, windsurfing etc. There is much information if you follow all of the links.

Thank for all the info, Lance, I'll make sure to check it out and reserve our trip way in advance.

Is the climate tropical or sub tropical there? I guess it doesn't really get cold.

It's sort of subtropical but never gets hot, the normal maximum over summer is about 25deg C, autumn and spring being around 20-23deg C and winter 18-20deg C. However, when we were there, one day it was cold, windy and raining and only about 14deg C!! Being a small island it is heavily influenced by the sea and therefore never gets hot, nor really cold either.

If you do come down under, I hope you stop off in Sydney for a few days as I would love to show you round. Also, the flights go from Sydney, Brisbane and Port Macquarie, not Melbourne, so you'd still need to come to Sydney (or Brisbane) anyway. You never know, I may be ready to go there myself by that time.

During our honey moon, my wife and I took a 8-month break to travel the Pacific. We started in Hawaii, when to New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and Thailand. Australia was awesome, we rented a camping car and spent 6 weeks driving from Sydney to Cairns. It was really awesome.

‚ÄčThat‚Äč is definitely the way to see Australia. 6 weeks would just about cover it for a trip from Sydney to Cairns, a great journey, some of the most beautiful places in Oz!

So much in fact that, when we left the States (lived there for 7 years), we debated hard and long between settling in Switzerland or in Sydney. In the end we chose Switzerland because my family is there. Sometimes I wonder if it was the right decision, but hey, we can always move

Switzerland is one of my favourite places, absolutely loved it whe we were there in July 2010, went to Thun and Interlaken and thought they were some of the most beautiful places I'd ever seen, everything was picture postcard beautiful. I dearly want to go back!

Thanks a lot for your offer, Lance. You can be sure I'll contact you if I ever go back to Sydney. It would be great to meet around a nice cold beer

Definitely. I love showing fellow forum members around Sydney and surrounds. Gives me an excuse to take photos, too.

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