How can I darken the left side of the sky more than the right?

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Re: How can I darken the left side of the sky more than the right?

Steve Throndson wrote:


That's a really good fix. I'm impressed, but need more details - step by step - please. Was your gradient two shades of blue, or black to white? Are there three layers here, or two? And how do you save the clouds from darkening or disappearing altogether? Thanks in advance.


Sorry I was just notified by email about your post.

Only two layers. The background and the ND gradient layer on top of it with adjusted opacity. It was a gradient of black (grey) to transparent. I then used colour balance adjustment tool to give it a bluish hue. You can use a gradient of blue-transparent and reach the same result I think. But neutral colour gives you more control on colour balance I guess. It was done with Pixelmator so I'm not sure a step by step explanation can be replicated by your tools but the process was fairly straightforward. When I selected the sky on the background layer, I applied a little feathering to avoid harsh transformation on the edge of sky-ground. I then removed the feather from the top, left and right of the selection on the blank layer. (just add to the selection with rectangular marquee tool)

If you have Pixelmator let me know to explain more graphically.

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