How the post-Sandy 'New York' cover photo was shot with a 1DX

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Re: How the post-Sandy 'New York' cover photo was shot with a 1DX


Hey, I will chime on on this one.. I say, YES and NO. LOL

What I mean in this. I think the D4 could have taken the shot with the same setting and no one would see a difference. I WILL say, not the D3, not near the same level. It is 6MP less. As far as I know the 12MP of the D3 would fill a 8.5x11 at 300DPI with a some to spare. But a 18MP would allow you either more cropping options or allow you do downsize and reduce the "apparent" look of the noise.

Technically any camera that could do iso 12800 could shoot the shot. I could a PS that has a wide 2.0 lens with IS, and shoots RAW and PUSH it to ISO 12800, but it would look like crap.

The REAL question is how many camera could have taken this shot with the same amount of noise. I say the 1Dx and D4 with the 5DIII is close 2nd. You could say when you down sample the 5DIII is is close, but still not the same as the 1Dx

Again, agreed.

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