A99 w/studio strobes sync issues?

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Re: A99 w/studio strobes sync issues?

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i had this problem last weekend during a paid shoot. it worked at 1/125 so i quickly just left it tehre for the time being. hopefully someoen can answer as i want to know aswell

Go back and read all the posts as the question has already been answered.

I don't see any answer, am I missing something?


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That wasn't a correct answer at all, it was a bit misleading at best..

The vast majority of studio strobe have flash durations much shorter (t0.1 times) then max X-Sync on the majority of camera's, and the only side effect is reduced light output, not curtain sync issues..

The issue is triggering, and that was only partly eluded (apparantly) by the second half of that post, however, the Lights and triggers used by the OP worked perfectly fine on an A77..

So there hasn't been a definitive answer, other then reduce the shutter speed just so it's so far within margin it'll work, which pragmatically is a reasonable solution, but it's not addressing a technical discrepancy as to why he can't get max Sync speeds with equipment he knows has worked fine on other camera's

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