D600 close to D4 at high ISO

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Re: D600 close to D4 at high ISO

John Motts wrote:

gl2k wrote:

Now we have it officially :

D600 is very close to D4. Much closer than D800 is to D4.


If you download the 3200 file and view them at the same size, the D800 actually shows slightly better noise than the D600.

D600 on left

That little crop shows it very well. It's not so much that the amplitude of the noise is lower (it's about the same', but displayed the same size it's smoother and less granular, which combined with the better microcontrast raises the IQ a clear step above. Lots of little pixels and controlled downsampling to the size you want is the way to go, IMO, at least if IQ is your objective.

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