Pro DX is Dead

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Re: Pro DX is Dead

seahawk wrote:

While I generelly agree with your assesment of the market, it is still possbile that there are other reasons for Nikon not releasing the pro DX body yet. (mostly natural disasters) One could be that they were forced (by natural disasters) to delay the launch for more than a year. At one point launching the "original" D400 is no longer a valid option as the product cycle would become too short. (For example a 16MP D400 using the D7000 sensor)

I can't see how it's still possible...

1. Nikon (and all makers) make body quality higher with product price positioning, there is no maker that ranks a product with inferior body higher than another with better body, when D300 was introduced it was ranking No2 behind D3, now, a D300 replacement would rank no. 4..1/2 (due to 2 D800s)...

2. The D300 was the lowest sales camera in Nikon line after D700 appeared and especially after D90 was introduced. This means to any company that the "replacement" (price wise) should aim to different target group.

3. The D300 body is by far the most expensive among all Nikon products that are build outside Sendai... hence production line is different than all the rest of the products.

4. A possible replacement is a camera that doesn't appeal to video shooters (like D7K is not also), will they leave competition (7D, K5) without a respond?

I wish it would be like you say, but clearly I don't see it happening... I am sure that the D9000 will be aiming to convince video enthusiasts which is what Nikon lacks from competition...


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