Yes folks it really does happen!

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Re: Yes folks it really does happen!

Jerodequin wrote:

AndyMulhearn wrote:

I'm always amazed watching concerts or stadium events at the number of flashes that go off. Built in flash, guide number of very little at that distance?

I quite often visit the coast and on an evening, there is nearly always at least one 'photographer' with a large dslr+zoom lens taking photos of distant ships far out at sea, in the dark with their flashes merrily firing away.

You'd think they'd spot the problem pretty quickly wouldn't you. One look at the review would tell you there's nothing in the shot worth looking at.

(it's almost as amusing as the phone camera brigade that snap away in dark situations that even a D800 would struggle with - I always wonder what is done with the photos taken in this sort of circumstance - are the owners happy with them or do they just delete them??!)

I think they just delete them and grump that the camera is no good.

It always surprises me how often people will spend a *lot* of money on a gadget that they seem to have spent no time researching or learning how to use.

I'm as guilty as the next person when it comes to spending lots on my hobby, but never without knowing what I'm getting and how it will be used!

Same here. My GX1 was an "impulse" purchase that I spent a week considering, reviewing and understanding what I was getting. And I've been using cameras since I was given a 35mm compact in my early teens, longer ago than I care to think.

At the weekend my wife and I went to an ecology park, nice and quiet, small number of birds so you need to avoid scaring them. At the end of the visit, two guys turned up with FF Canons complete with short zooms and large flashes mounted, talking excitedly at the top of their voices and pointing at each others cameras. So not only was the kit inappropriate for the location but they had no idea how to behave to avoid scaring off the limited wildlife in place.


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