Canon 135 + 1.4 TC vs 200 f/2.8 for pro football stadium

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Re: Canon 135 + 1.4 TC vs 200 f/2.8 for pro football stadium

Markped wrote:

Thanks for the replies.

<snip> The 135 is nice for lens restrictive stadiums but the extra reach of the 200 would be better. Thats why I was considering selling it and purchasing the 200 f/2.8. Probably won't use either lens very often, <snip>.

I was interested to hear the comment about a 1.4 working better w/ focal lengths > 300mm. Hadn't heard that before. I wonder how well the 200 takes a 1.4 or a 2.0 TC.

I'm also using the 200mm 2.8 II as my low attention lens, because the big white thing on the cam is an issue sometimes in many situations. I also considered the 2x and 1.4x adapter, but so far did not find any conclusive source testing this combo.
Do you have a chance to test that combo? In case you do, please be so kind to share your experience in this thread.

... where I am living it's quite hard to get to test pro equipment


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