18-55 zoom available in UK...

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Re: 18-55 zoom available in UK...

VisualFX wrote:

easyeddy wrote:

I think you guys will be the first retail customers anywhere to confirm they got the 18-55 - good news for the rest of us with orders...

Also some of the most desperate I've seen. Fuji must be laughing all the way to the bank. When I get mine, I get mine. I'm not cancelling and doing foolish stuff like ordering elsewhere. I currently have other cameras I can use in the meantime.

Err excuse me - how is it 'desperate' or 'foolish' to cancel an order with Amazon who have an estimated delivery of mid December, when I notice on twitter a nice family run firm having a few in stock *now* for the same price.

Well done you for having other cameras to use in the mean time but we don't all have that luxury.


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