Lowincash - why do you prefer Nex 6 to Olympus OMD?

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Re: Lowincash - why do you prefer Nex 6 to Olympus OMD?

LTZ470 wrote:

EM5 100-300 Soccer....


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Mr Ichiro Kitao, I support the call to upgrade the FZ50.
I will not only buy one but two no questions asked...

These are very sharp, highly saturated photos (excellent set!).

However, I noticed that (many of) these shots were taken at 1/1250, ~f/5, and ISO 200, which means that this was a very bright day.  Thus, this situation is not the most demanding for autofocus. Taking action shots in twilight or indoors where you need to crank the ISO up to 800 or higher just to keep a 1/300 shutter speed gives you a much better idea of how good and quick the AF actually is.

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