How to test a new (Ultra Wide) lens - Sigma 8-16mm?

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Re: How to test a new (Ultra Wide) lens - Sigma 8-16mm?

With a lens this wide almost everything is n focus anyway, so back/front focus is not that big of an issue. I got this lens myself, and it is great!

I am in the same situation as you, meaning I have no gear for focus check, but a technique I used to check a few copies of the Sigma 50mm 1.4 (crap focus, also confirmed by the store) was to take a photo of the TV - tuner remote, focusing at the middle number (usually the digit 5). This remote has the buttons quite close together, which is good. When checking the picture you can see if the number 5 is in focus, or the number above/below is in focus. This is a crude test, and using a ruler or something similar is probably better, but for me this worked fine for confirming focus issues. The picture was taken with the camera at approx. 45 degree angle downwards.

I use a 550D so there is no focus adjustments in camera, therefore this test was quite important to me.

Taken with the Sigma 8-16mm.

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