A new but somehow old Topic - IQ of X-E1 ? Is it really there?

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Re: A new but somehow old Topic - IQ of X-E1 ? Is it really there?

pmaster wrote:

I think its probably due to the fact that there are far more professionals using full-frames than X-series cameras. Thus, it is easier to find some really good shots by these pros. Some of these probably include external lighting as well as good pp.

I'm thinking it would be easier if you could show us an example of a full-frame shot you think is very nice, and we can then figure out if indeed it is due to the camera, or simply to the photographer's talent.


Hi pmaster,

Yes, it is probably true that I saw much more profi work shot with FF than Fuji X Cameras. Especially X-E1 is owned by rather enthuiats and rather not by profis so far (this can be different for XP1)

There are several examples which impresses me in terms of IQ of FF



However, after my posting I received also some very good exmaples shot by X-E1 which encouraged me to order my kit yesterday

It's also a emotional decision of me because I love the concept and the vision of this camera and I know I am a photographer who is also inspired by the camera self.

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