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Re: LX3 Raw VS Jpg

griddi wrote:

I for myself shoot in JPEG and I am quite happy with it, I own a Fuji X100, Olympus E-M 5, and as you said, also a OLD Panasonic LX3.......

I also can not see much of a difference between JPEG and RAW, so I do not see any need to shoot in RAW and the time involved with PP for Raw,

Besides RAW is even less important for me, as I do not print my photo's.......

Great fantastic, there´s nothing wrong with shooting JPEG. But you can´t deny the fact there is a difference between the two and it´s quite significant for some of us. The other issue is whether people know what to look for to see a difference. The difference is there, even in OP´s sample images. The RAW files are sharper with less digital artefact and it simply looks less digital. With even more setting tweaking you get rid of all that and still maintain the sharpness.

A couple of weeks ago I asked in another forum why most people are obessed just to shoot in RAW......and started nearly WW3 with this question.......

I rather go out and take photo's......

Looks you belong to the " RAW Obessed " gilde too, according to your post, but each to is own.......

​Well maybe there's a reason for that. It's because you already made your mind up about JPEG vs RAW, you make presumptions about people based on incomplete facts then bait people into arguments. You assume people who shoot RAW as being 'RAW obsessed' and don't spend as much shooting. This is how all the arguments in this place starts, so why don't we just be a bit mature about our own opinions?
The simple fact is there is no easy way to extract the best image quality without spending time. JPEG's image quality is good enough for some people but it's not for everyone.

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