Yes folks it really does happen!

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Re: Yes folks it really does happen!

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It always surprises me how often people will spend a *lot* of money on a gadget that they seem to have spent no time researching or learning how to use.

There are no shortage of posts on this, and other, photo forums from people who happily admit they've never bothered to read the manual, and come here for help when they can't figure something out.

I've always read the manual and made notes of what I want to configure/change/use before the camera even arrives!

I personally can't understand that people don't do that, but then again my wife relies on me to show her how to use her camera and alas she is a better "natural" photographer than I am, while I am better technically. Usually we collaborate and get really good pictures.

But sometimes the manual is practically unreadable! I'm referring to the OMD manual. I'm unable to read it anyway. Reading on the screen doesn't work for me, and printing a copy didn't help much. So trial and error is what you do. And reading the article here on dpr of course.

My wife hasn't read any manual through her whole life, and she takes good photos, using automatic setting on her rather advanced compact. She can of course do this with my OMD as well if she like. And she did it sometimes with my earlier 40D, often with very good result. She doesn't even want to know the words shutter or aperture, but she is good at composing a picture

All cameras have a "green" point-and-shoot position on the setting wheel. The chance to get a good picture should be better with a good camera with good optics also for a person with no technical knowledge whatsoever, so why shouldn't they use dslrs if they can afford it and are prepared to carry it?

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