Some NEX-6 + 16-50mm Photo's

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Re: Some NEX-6 + 16-50mm Photo's

I think CosmoZooo is being a bit harsh.

CosmoZooo wrote:

1st photo:

Why such a distortions? Why is everything in that photo leaning one way or the other? Is that suppose to happen especially at 25mm? If these are JPGs right out of the camera, shouldn't the camera be correcting for barrel distortion?

It's not lens distortion, just the effect of shooting pointing above the horizontal - distances appear to get closer as they get higher.  You can correct this in PP, but it looks artificial if you do, and fine as it is now.
But why f 13?  You could get a suitable DOF at larger apertures, up the shutter speed and avoid any possible small aperture refraction.

2nd photo

Again what's with all the distortion, are all my photos going to look like that too. At full size the building doesn't look that sharp. The shadow details are not really there and kind of look noisy. In fact, at ISO 200 is it me or is there two much noise there overall.

Same as above re distortion.  And again, I'd have used a much larger aperture.  F 13 must be getting into refraction territory, and a faster shutter speed would ensure no wobble softness.

3rd photo

It's OK. I mean nothing jumps out (aside from obviously dramatic subject matter and that sign is heartbreaking but that's a different story). Purely as a photo it's almost like a lack of focus there again. Pixel peeping nothing is quite sharp, colors just look OK...I don't know...

I think it's a nice idea, I'd have shot from closer to the person with a wider angle and from lower down - might as well take advantage of the tilting screen.  Might have made the shot more dramatic.

4th photo

That rose needs to POP it needs to be sharp as hell, I would prefer a shallower DOF on that. At ISO 200 I see too much noise on the rose bud (again I am pixel peeping).

Some PP would do lots for this shot. Apart from CosmoZooo's point about shallower DOF (you could have had aperture wide open for this), straight from camera it's not obvious what more you could have done.  Except perhaps customise out of camera jpegs.

Pros, feel free to tell me that I am full of "you know" because again I am a total amateur, but I am not crazy about any of these, not for $1000 bucks.

I'm no pro, like most who post here.

Is it hard to do better with JPG performance right out of the camera?

Maybe you can adjust jpeg settings for straight from camera jpegs, otherwise you have to get into PP for more 'pop'.  Which can, of course, be overdone.

I'm currently choosing between Nex 6 and Olympus OMD but don't yet have either, so I don't know how much you can customise out of camera Nex jpegs.  This is partly because the menu system on the Nex 5N I handled in the shop was confusing (to put it mildly).

Was something lacking in the basic technique like not using aperture priority or too slow of a shutter in low ISO? Or perhaps this is how the images suppose to look when pixel peeping, but I have seen many samples that are super clean and crispy, full of detail at full size. These look a bit dull to me.

Check jpeg settings, adjust to suit, and keep going.  And if you don't PP already, check out editing programs.

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