D3200 Viewfinder info out of focus

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Re: D3200 Viewfinder info out of focus

If the pictures are OK I suspect the mirror or prism is out of line.  When you take a picture the mirror flips up so the lens is OK.  When the mirror drops down it locates into a cushioned frame and via the prism you look out through the lens.  If the mirror is not seating correctly (angled) or the prism has been disloged through a 'drop' or 'bump' it could produce the effect you are seeing in the view finder.  Other than taking a look inside the camera and operating the mirror with a lens off (mirror lock) I don't think theres much you can do if you are not technically camera repair savvy.  I comments are my best guess, I have not experienced this myself, have D90 and D70.  Before you 'stick' any thing smaller than your elbow into the prism and mirror section keep googling and wait for some more replies here.

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