Which lens is good for normal point and shoot DSLR Cannon 5D mark III ?

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Re: Which lens is good for normal point and shoot DSLR Cannon 5D mark III ?

Guidenet wrote:

You can learn photography with a cheap starter camera or one like you purchased. In fact yours might make learning easier by displaying more information and having separate buttons and dials for different settings.

Not to mention the bigger, easier-to-compose-with viewfinder and 100% coverage so that what you compose in the field actually ends up being what you get at home on your computer screen.  To me, these are significant advantages to the camera the OP chose.  Photography can be fun and rewarding, and better tools, like the OP bought, make it easier to get the results you want, even if all you want is the best birthday and family holiday pictures you can get (for most of us, these are the most important pictures we take!).

That said, I'd leave it in P for professional or Auto for now. Pay a little attention to what settings the camera chooses and what the image looks like. If the picture is too dark, you can use compensation to add exposure. If it's too bright, you can use it to make it darker.

Have to admit I'm more of a put it in manual, use the spot meter, and read up on the zone system, sunny f/16 rule, exposure value charts, etc., type of person when it comes to learning about exposure control, but there's something to be said for seeing what the automated features can do for you, too.  I might add in the suggestion to use the auto-bracketing feature along with program or auto just so you can see what slight alterations to the normal exposure look like for different scenes.  This could give someone a bit of insight as to the types of conditions when the auto system might need a little help.

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