Is the new Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II worth $1300 more than a good used mark I?

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Re: Is the new Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II worth $1300 more than a good used mark I?


yes, I have the 24-105 and it is very sharp. But that extra stop COSTS a lot of money. Also, their is A LOT less distortion in the new 24-70. esp over the 24-105. BUT the IS on the 24-105 makes it a great, all purpose lens. If I could have ONLY one lens, it would be the 24-105, then the 24-70 V2.

My problem was this. F4 would not cut it for me.. The AF was slowing in the dark churches I shoot, and having to bounce the flash and fill, was killing me battery. I would have to shoot ISO 3200 at 2.8 to bonce the flash.. at F4 was 6400 which made some of the images nasty. And some places, I HAD to shoot at ISO 8000 at 2.8 which was VERY VERY hard..

I will say this. At F4 the new 24-70 is a little sharper then the 24-105.. NOT MUCH thought..

John Vant Land wrote:

Although I love sharpness and would appreciate having f/2.8, my trusty 24-105 is so sharp. If you're on a budget, it has twice the range for half the cost. I know, it's somewhat slow at f/4, but with my 5D Mk III, I can usually push the ISO up high enough for most situations.

Can you beat this sharpness?

I know, this image outside and stopped down, but for me, I can make due and save the $2300 it would cost to use the 24-70 and I believe in this type of setting, it would make little difference but would cost me the inconvenience of having to change lenses in a dirty environment when I wanted to zoom out.


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I'd say the new one is a lot sharper than the 24-105, especially center frame 70mm and wider end corner to corner, even at f/8.

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