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Re: Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ200/ VS. FZ20?


I think what you are saying is that you have an 8 year old Panasonic FZ20, and are wondering if the FZ200 is worth upgrading to? If that's your question then the answer is easy, YES, a thousand times YES! The DMC FZ200 is one of the Best (if not the best) Super-Zoom cameras available, but it could be $500.00 US. It will come down a bit I'm sure, but it's $599.95 at Panasonic's store. And it has a hot shoe, so you can use studio lights with a Flash Slave, or an adaptor. The thing is, you sound a bit confused. If you want the ease of use, and carry of a Super-Zoom then upgrade for sure. Especially if you are comfortable using the Panasonic. If it is the FZ20, you can see that they're related and the quality has been better with each model in between. Now, what about the D300? An excellent DSLR to start with and the 18-200MM is a good all purpose lens. Each version was considered excellent. Maybe you need to find it's sweet spot and a suitable aperture.

The Panasonic DMC FZ200 is a great camera, but it's a Bridge Super-Zoom camera. It's small sensor is quite surprising, but it quickly shows it's limitations. I have one, and the FZ150 and FZ100 too! Like most people on this Forum I use it when I can't or don't want to carry the size and bulk of the DSLR. With it's fast F2.8 lens you can get more shots in with available light, and it separates Panasonic from the rest of the pack (Lower number means faster lens and a faster lens lets in more light) For serious work, you will need at least a DX camera, and the D300 will be fine to use for quite a while. But you should choose your goal and work toward that, if you want the FZ200 for it's compact size and ease of use then you should buy one when you find it at the right price. Also, from a dealer you can trust so you get the proper warranty and it's not a return or demo model.

If you need help finding one in your area, just ask. In New York and the surrounding states, we use B&H, J&R or Adorama.  I hope that helps you. ... Joe Prete

b/t/w Jen, A fast lens is great for low light situations and it does give you more variations of ISO and Shutter speed but a lens is usually Sharpest a couple of stops slower like F3.5 or F5.6

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