Nikon D600 gold award

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Re: Nikon D600 gold award

philbot wrote:

The D600 is in a class of its own, I suspect the A99 will be in the D800 class as far as DPreview scores are concerned, and thus I'd expect it will not get gold for the EVF and 1/3 stop SLT loss...

But I think for the money, the D600 deserves it's score!

after having used a d800 then buying the a99 and seeing how much better it is overall while having less MP the only thing stopping a gold is dpr ignorance or fanboyism over canikon because i can assure you its on par with d800 if not better due to its other features and its sure as heck much more usable in nat light for portraits especially as you start heading below 1/250th of a sec where you often get movement blur on d800

but i couldnt be stuffed what rating they give it because i think its a serious piece of hardware

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